Isabelle Napier | Student | Master of Teaching (Primary)

A love of sport and working with children naturally led Isabelle Napier into the Master of Teaching (Primary). Studying her undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne, Isabelle had the opportunity to get a taste for teaching with Breadth subjects in the area. She aims to provide young students with the opportunity to fall in love with physical education - just like she has.

My name is Isabelle Napier. I'm studying a master of teaching primary at the University of Melbourne, and my specialisation is Physical Education. During the year after year 12, I worked at a school in the Sports Department, and I loved working with the children to help facilitate the school sporting programmes, both within the school and also the inter-school sport.

And through this experience, I really developed a love for working with children and helping them achieve their goals, whether it be personal or sporting or academic.

And that sort of led me to want to study teaching after my undergraduate degree, but I also undertook a breadth track during my undergraduate at the university in Sports Education, and the subjects kept instilling that want to study teaching in me throughout that time until I ended up at the MJC.

During my undergraduate in the breadth track subjects which were taught by faculty staff here, it gave me the opportunity to learn more about the breadth of sport in education and particularly across the both the primary and secondary levels of schooling.

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And since studying here, it's helped me to learn more about, I guess the depth of education itself and how different it can be globally and even the different education that children experience in Australia, and what impact becoming a teacher can have on educational outcomes

I think seeing children develop and become more confident in what they believe they can do

Sometimes, particularly in that first experience when they're on outdoor education camps, they realise that they have so many more skills than they first thought they had. And I love helping children to realise that about themselves. I completed an undergraduate degree at the university in landscape architecture and I really enjoyed the university model.

And as I learned more about the combination of our clinical practise and also academic studies, it really led me to come and study here and continue my journey at Melbourne

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