Research streams

Wellbeing literacy and language research

Research lead: Professor Lindsay Oades

The wellbeing literacy and language research stream involves a group of scholars interested in:

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Systems-informed positive psychology research

Systems-informed positive psychology (SIPP) is an emerging perspective within positive psychology, which explicitly expands the focus of positive psychology beyond the individual, to also incorporate the broader forces and contextual factors that shape and impact individual and collective flourishing. Drawing on concepts, principles, and tools from the systems sciences, SIPP acknowledges the complexity of everyday life, while adding an optimistic belief about what the future can hold and motivating people to co-create solutions that can help human social systems thrive.

Wellbeing measurement and methods research

Research lead: Dr Mohsen Joshanloo

The key focus areas of this wellbeing measurement and methods stream are on program evaluations, assessments, audits and needs analyses. We also seek to develop state of the art wellbeing tools, and to adopt innovative measurement approaches to improve our understanding of wellbeing in complex real-world systems such as schools and communities. Working effectively and meaningfully with communities is central to our work and this has been acknowledged through a number of community engagement awards.

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