Research Higher Degree Students

Doctor of Education (DEd)

Anthony Bailey

Capacity building and workforce development for national vocational education (VET) teachers in Australian-funded Pacific VET programs

Christine Kotsios

Fingerprint me: Mental health, wellbeing and employment outcomes of an education-to-career transition program for young people

David Stillwell

The benefits and limitations of secondary school based digital technologies for disengaged young people in year 10 -12 applied learning education

David Wilkie

Conceptualisations of teacher effectiveness in schools

Joanne Henriksen

Parent participation: An investigation into parent positionality, gender and involvement in schools

Liam Freeman

Establishing notions of ‘quality’ and investigating new opportunities in contemporary VET music course design

Mark Dowley

Student perspectives of the impact of the NAPLAN on students' experiences of school

Rajiv Gulshan

Quality assessments in commercial cooking education

Rocco Guarnaccia

For profit / private providers within the vocational education and training (VET) sector

Alejandra Cortes Tobar

21st Century skills: changing world and why we need to teach today's students differently

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Andrew Dolphin

Teaching for social inclusion

Catherine Pickett

What is TAFE's current mission in Australia?

Edward Clark

The place of "connectivism" as educational theory applied to online personal and social environments

Giang T. H. Nguyen

Development and validation of formative assessment competency framework for EFL teachers

Hadeel Al-Nawab

Do public health organisations use evaluation theory and best practice to add value to staff performance reviews?

Hanh Hong Tran

E-learning: Inclusion and lifelong learning in Vietnam

Kate Victoria Elliot

Policy borrowing beyond the EU Member states to Mongolia and lessons from the Visegrad Four

Mark Kennedy

Private higher education in Australia: What influences student choices and what contributions are made by the private sector to a more diverse national higher education sector?

Milly Fels

Disruption or reproduction: Career development education in Victorian schools

Nasim Janfada

Iranian diasporic writings and public pedagogy

Neville Chiavaroli

Medical education and humanities

Phuong Viet Ha Ngo

Designing and validating a competency framework for English Language test item writers in Vietnamese higher education settings

Thi Chai Pha Tran

The development of assessment frameowrk to measure critical thinking skills in ESL/EFL academic writing

Thi Huyen Tran

Developing competencies for vocational education and training teachers in Vietnam

Thi Thuy Nhan

Aligning learning outcomes to frameworks of proficiency: A case of Vietnam’s English exit tests

Master of Education (MEd)

Emmalie Richards

Teaching visual communication design in teacher education

Master of Evaluation (MEval)

Jane Stanford

Evaluation of a paediatric training program: Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)

Recently graduated

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Dr Esther Doecke

More than a socio-economic variable: Family strategies of educational advantage within Germany and Australia.

Dr Lingfen Zhang

The affordances of TV drama in building L2 Chinese learners’ intercultural competence.

Dr Sergio Riquelme Muñoz

Citizenship curriculum development in Chile and Argentina during the 1990s and the 2000s: patterns and justifications.

Dr Lindsey Gale

The acquisition of goal-directed movement: developing and reporting a measure of learning readiness for use in classroom settings with students with motor performance needs

Dr Sanaz Nasirpour

Iranian diasporic relations & transformative feminist leadership: opportunities & challenges for enhancing women’s status in Iran (1979-2016)

Dr Trischa Mann

From court to college: the institutionalisation of judicial education during its first decade in Victoria, 2005–2015

Dr Lily Thi Ha Nguyen

Becoming professional researchers: an exploration of the experiences of Vietnamese doctoral students in Australia

Dr Justin Brown

Young adults and post-school training opportunities in the Frankston-Mornington Peninsula region of Victoria, Australia

Dr Frank Van Cappelle

Bridging the data literacy gap for evidence-informed education policy and practice: the impact of visualisation

Dr Xiaoran Song

The complexity of cross cultural business communication

Dr Christopher Corbel

Keywords and key phrases in vocational education policy in Australia: a lexical semantic analysis of knowledge and skills

Dr Margaret O'Bryan

Shaping futures, shaping lives: an investigation into the lived experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Australian boarding schools

Dr Nicky Dulfer

Different kids, different pedagogies: an examination of pedagogy in context

Master of Education (MEd)

Violeta De Los Andes Berrios Huss

Pedagogical and curricular change in higher education: a biographical approach

Research Higher Degree (RHD) Supervision

We welcome students who wish to complete research higher degrees (RHD) at the Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy. If you are interested in enrolling in a degree and being supervised by staff members from the Centre then please follow the How to Apply process outlined by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE).

We strongly suggest that you read the information contained on this site thoroughly, before you make your application.


There are a number of academic staff who currently act as supervisors for RHD students within the areas of interest of the CVEP. Information regarding the areas of research in which they may be willing to supervise can be found by looking at their research interests and current project work.