Malaysian Tracer Study

Professor John Polesel presented the main findings of the ‘Malaysian Tracer Study’ to senior officials of the Educational Planning and Research Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia in Putrajaya on 7-8 December 2015. The Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy (CVEP) was commissioned by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to undertake a study on the destinations of Upper Secondary School completers in Johor Bahru and Segamat districts. The study found that the vast majority of young Malaysians who completed Upper Secondary School in Johor Bahru and Segamat in 2014 were engaged in study or work nine months after completing school. It also found that patterns of transition to the various destinations vary by gender and socio-economic status (as measured by the parents’ levels of education). The findings of this report are expected to inform future policy reforms relating to education, training and the labour market in Malaysia.