Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy

Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy

Welcome to the Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy (CVEP) – a research centre contributing to the growth of knowledge about education and training in Australia through evidence-driven scholarly analysis, consultancy and policy advice. Our work focusses on pathways within upper secondary education and from upper secondary education into higher education, vocational education and training (VET), work-based training and the labour market, both in an international and a comparative context.

We integrate research, consultancy and teaching in this specialised policy area. We seek to contribute to improve:

  • the transitions and learning outcomes of disengaged youth at the national and jurisdictional levels; and
  • the quality of VET and upper secondary education systems, processes, practices and outcomes.

Statement of capabilities

Our centre is one of the few research hubs in the world generating in-depth knowledge and evidence-based expertise in the field of education transitions and VET quality.

Services available

We perform the following five major functions:

Research and consultancy

The research and consultancy functions are focused around three broad programs:

  • Schools
  • VET and Adult Sector Provision
  • Work and Community

These research programs are underpinned by a commitment to:

  • equity and diversity in education and training outcomes
  • improving both policy and practice in these areas

Comparative and international research are fundamental tools in the design and conduct of these research programs.


The research outcomes and findings of our centre’s work are accessible to a wide range of stakeholder groups, maximising the likelihood of impact. For example, staff are required to publish research findings in top journals and presses as well as translate the outcomes of the research into materials/documents that policy makers and educational practitioners can use. This helps to maximise the impact of the centre’s research findings within the academic community as well at the policy and practice levels.


Our staff currently coordinate and teach a number of programs and subjects central to the research aims. We utilise the strong nexus between research, consultancies and teaching, in order to translate cutting edge research into relevant and professionally oriented teaching programs grounded in theory and research.

Capacity Building

We also offer non-award programs, such as professional development training programs, workshops and seminars. We provide an avenue for disseminating the research and development activities of the centre to a wider audience, beyond the academic community.


The partnership function of the centre utilises strategic alliances with other Australian and international research and development centres through research and consultancy collaboration, joint mobility programs, co-supervision of research higher degree students and producing joint publications.

More about CVEP


Discover our experts, who provide supervision for Research higher degree students. View professional and academic staff profiles for a detailed look at expertise and interests, as well as contact information.

Research Projects

Explore our research development and teaching projects. Our research projects focus on educational assessment, psychometrics, test development and student achievement.

Graduate Studies and Teaching

Learn about the wide range of teaching activities we are involved in, including courses and subjects, as well as our supervision of Research higher degree students.


View the array of publications we have produced including books, book chapters, journal articles, reports to funding bodies and conference papers.