Dr Stanley Koh

Dr Stanley Koh is Research Fellow at the Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy (CVEP). Stanley joined CVEP from Victoria University (VU) where he facilitated learning pathways and articulation within VU and managed research and teaching programs at The Victoria Institute of Education, Diversity and Lifelong Learning.

Stanley has a background in teaching and school leadership and is a VIT registered teacher. His research interests include school leadership, school effectiveness and improvement, comparative education policy and high-performing school systems in East Asia (particularly in what makes these school systems perform). As an early career researcher, he has been involved in research projects that reviewed senior school certificates, vocational education and training, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and pre-accredited programs in Australia. Stanley's teaching focus is on education policy and reforms and has coordinated transnational professional learning programs for educators from China, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Stanley is currently the Associate Editor of the Routledge journal, International Journal of Inclusive Education (Scimargo Q1) and a member of Australasian Research Management Society; and was previously an Adjunct Fellow at College of Arts and Education, Victoria University (2015 to 2018).

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Dr Stanley Koh


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