The Independent Impact Assessment of the Trust Schools Program

Duration: 2013 
Commissioned by: Yayasan AMIR Ltd and the Ministry of Education (Malaysia) 
Summary: The purpose of this evaluation was to complete an Independent Impact Assessment of the Trust Schools Program (TSP). The TSP is a program delivered through a joint arrangement with the Ministry of Education and Yayasan AMIR (YA) to grant selected schools a greater level of autonomy and providing these schools with additional support and resources.

Evaluation Capacity Building Project – Philippines

Duration: 2012-2013 
Commissioned by: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) 
Research team: Associate Professor Janet Clinton, Dr Amy Gullickson, Sarah Appleton, Timoci O’Connor, Roy Ponce 
Summary: The CPE has completed a contract with The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to develop and deliver an Evaluation Capacity Building (ECB) Project with the DFAT Manila post in the Philippines. The goal of the Project was to equip program management staff at AusAID Manila Post with the skills and knowledge to embed evaluative thinking and evidence into performance management, learning, and mutual accountability processes with the Government of Philippines and other partners.

Western Australia Department of Education (DoE)

Duration: 2011-2013 
Commissioned by: Western Australia Department of Education (DoE) 
Research team: Associate Professor Janet Clinton, Professor John Hattie, Dr John Owen, Timoci O’Connor, Shelby Consulting – Heather Aquilina, Professor Rick Cummings, Dr Jocelyn Grace 
Summary: The CPE in partnership with Shelby Consulting and Murdoch University completed an evaluation of the Independent Public Schools (IPS) initiative for the Western Australian Department of Education (DoE). The IPS initiative was designed to give greater control to individual schools and school boards, and to reduce bureaucracy within the WA public school system (DoE, 2011).

Heart of Carlton Program Evaluation

Duration: 2013 
Commissioned by: Funded by a University of Melbourne Staff Engagement Project grant 
Research team: Dr John Quay, Kathryn Cairns, Isabel Brookes 
Summary: The CPE evaluated the Heart of Carlton program in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia. This program aimed to engage students in afterschool sports activities to increase their physical activity and awareness of healthy lifestyles while strengthening and promoting relationships within the Carlton community.

POM Indonesia

Duration: 2013 
Commissioned by: GRM International Pty Ltd 
Research team: Associate Professor Janet Clinton, Ruth Aston 
Summary: Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia (EP) is currently the largest intervention funded by the Australian Government anywhere in the world. It is comprised of four contracts, the largest of which is School Systems and Quality (SSQ), managed by Cardno. Together with direct budget support funded by the European Union, the Education Partnership supports the Indonesian Government’s long-term strategy to strengthen and consolidate its national education system, with a particular focus on the current Indonesian five-year plan (2010 - 2014). This continues its support into the initial stages of the subsequent five-year plan (2015 - 2019). The partnership consolidates previous Australian Government interventions in the Indonesian education sector by strengthening their integration into government systems.