During the past 30 years, CPE has undertaken evaluation consultancy work for government departments, non-government organisations and community-based agencies, across a wide range of policy and program areas.

The design and conduct of all evaluation work carried out by CPE is undertaken by a team of highly qualified and experienced research personnel. All evaluation services conducted by CPE staff include evaluation approaches and methods that reflect current theoretical knowledge and best practice in the field. Staff members are skilled in the use of widely known, as well as current, emerging and innovative evaluation theory, techniques, and practice, all of which aim to enhance client and stakeholder collaboration and increase the utilisation of evaluation findings.

Examples of evaluation services facilitated by CPE staff include:

  • Formative, summative and process evaluations
  • Survey systems
  • Needs assessment
  • Cost benefit and effectiveness
  • Systematic review and meta analysis
  • Clarification of program theory and causality
  • Design of monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Review of program/project effectiveness, including the contribution made towards achieving objectives and immediate and longer term outcomes
  • Impact assessment
  • Identification of key areas for policy development and strategies to enhance program design and delivery
  • Meta evaluation
  • Evaluation of programs with complex multi-level administrative arrangements
  • Systems evaluation
  • Archival information systems development

If your organisation is interested in collaborating with the Centre for an evaluation and review of your own present or upcoming programs, contact us by email at CPE-enquiries@unimelb.edu.au