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As the University of Melbourne Network of Schools (UMNOS) has been in operation since 2014, you will be joining a network of over 100 very different schools. All of them testify to the power and collective impact of working together and learning from each other. Drawing on the evidence base of the University of Melbourne’s globally recognised researchers such as Laureate Professor John Hattie, Associate Professor Sandra Milligan and Emeritus Professor Stephen Dinham, along with many others, the Network identifies and works on specific points of deep focus. Network schools are guided in their development of a bespoke approach to match the needs of their particular school community.

Membership benefits

  • Presentations from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s (MGSE) leading researchers and the opportunity to test your thinking with some of our best education thinkers.
  • Attendance at the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education, Australia’s leading education faculty.
  • Ongoing learning and support throughout the three-year program.
  • 4-6 days of face-to-face workshops per year over the three years, (offered over 2 to 3 x 2-day intensives) held at the University of Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Tailored online professional learning modules adapted to network needs and latest research.
  • Places for leadership team participants in each school to attend the workshops. Online professional learning modules for whole staff, resulting in a whole school professional learning program and strategy.
  • Access to a wide network of highly skilled practitioners.
  • Online collaboration through Web-based Interactive Learning (WIL), which will enable Network participants access to learning that will help education leaders implement change.
  • Engagement with fellow professionals in a congenial and trusting atmosphere. There is plenty of time for corridor chat and teacher talk over coffee and lunch breaks.
  • The opportunity to meet and swap ideas with a wide cohort of leaders from very different schools and jurisdictions – regional/metro, cross-sector/special schools.
  • Access to MGSE's events including Dean’s lectures and the many special presentations and seminars offered by the faculty.
  • Being part of an online learning community via WIL, a web-based tool built around your professional needs.
  • Opportunities to showcase your school’s story via MGSE’s monthly podcast Talking Teaching.

Schools' commitment

  • A commitment from key members of your school’s leadership team. We ask schools to identify a team of up to four school leaders (principal, deputies, instructional coach, etc.) for regular and consistent attendance to the three-year program.
  • A willingness to be part of a trusted network, which will operate in both an actual and virtual space.
  • Working with MGSE experts and networked schools to define the agreed goals identified by your school.
  • Providing time for your instructional coach to support the ‘work’ back in your school.
  • Collaborating with Network members to pursue agreed outcomes.
  • A preparedness to work on specific research projects if taking a research pathway.
  • A level of understanding of both face-to-face workshopping and online collaborative learning.
  • Developing and sharing dashboards to evaluate Network and school outcomes.
  • An annual network fee. Find more information on the UMNOS fees page.


Learn more about UMNOS' fees, roles and membership guidelines on our FAQs page.