Teaching Academies of Professional Practice – Melbourne

Teaching Academies of Professional Practice (TAPPs) are partnerships between a cluster of schools and one or more universities for the purpose of improving initial teacher education (ITE). For more information, visit the Department of Education and Training website.

The next stage of the Melbourne Teaching Academies for Professional Practice (TAPP) project will focus on enhancing professional learning to schools within the clinical practice model, through the development of a suite of online and face-to-face resources called ‘Building your mentoring capacity: a clinical approach'. As part of the development of this resource, collaborative course management meetings and workshops are planned for staff involved in the Master of Teaching at MGSE and TAPP partnership schools.


The TAPP Phase 2 project supports the preparation and professional learning of pre-service teachers by addressing actions related to the following 10 objectives:

  1. identifying a shared school-university perspective of evidence-based high-quality teaching practices
  2. identifying expert mentor practitioners to model high-quality teaching & exemplary professional practices
  3. immersion & engagement of pre-service teachers in school environments e.g. curriculum planning, team teaching, extra- curricular activities
  4. better integration of theory & practice, enabling pre-service teachers to systematically observe, study and demonstrate quality teaching
  5. professional learning for existing teaching staff to support improved pedagogical expertise and professional practice
  6. co-design between schools and university in the content and implementation of pre-service teacher education
  7. build a shared evidence base about quality teaching and initial teacher education, including through action research
  8. improve readiness of pre-service teachers to enter the profession
  9. ensuring that pre-service teachers have exposure to relevant policy and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST)
  10. building sustainable partnerships.


Most of the actions associated with the 10 objectives are undertaken through the delivery of the MGSE professional experience program in partnerships with schools.

The following key areas of actions have been developed to address the suite of TAPP objectives:

  1. delivery of an online professional learning program for mentors
  2. implementation of four meetings/workshops to target specific outcomes.

The $50,000 grant allocation will support the following:

  • release time for mentors undertaking professional learning programs
  • grant to each TAPP school to support coordination and facilitation of reference group meetings and sharing of mentor professional learning with staff
  • grant to MGSE to support TAPP coordination, reporting of activities and accountability.
Governance structure, Teaching Academy of Professional Practice (TAPP) – Melbourne

Four meetings/workshops for the TAPP project have been scheduled for 2018. Management committee meetings will be held from 1-2pm followed by a workshop from 2-4pm.





1 21 March Discussion of the status of the differentiation tool (developed in Phase 1) and identification of strategies for the future. Melbourne High School
2 30 May Reviewing the program for Teacher Candidates. Mac.Rob
3 29 August Evaluation of Mentor Professional Learning Program. MGSE
4 14 November Development of Selection Criteria for Mentor Teachers. TBC

Workshop resources

Meeting 1

Meeting documents


Meeting 2

Meeting 3


Meeting 4


School Coordination Grant

The purpose of the school coordination grant is to help your school to coordinate TAPP activities (e.g. the sharing of workshop knowledge and facilitation of communication and learning) within your school. The dollar amount allocated to your school is based on the number of mentor teachers supporting teacher candidates as outlined below:

  • less than 5 Mentor Teachers ($700) i.e. Eltham High, Footscray North, St Alban’s East
  • 5-10 mentor teachers ($1200) i.e. Mac. Rob
  • 10+ mentor teachers ($1700) i.e Melb High, Albert Park, Parade College, Kambrya.

To access this grant, please prepare an invoice detailing the following:

Organisation: The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Address: 234 Queensberry Street, VIC 3010

Description: TAPP School Coordination grant

Amount: Nominate the amount that you are entitled to based on the number of Mentor Teachers
Attention: Stephen Goldstraw (Teaching Services Manager) at scgold@unimelb.edu.au , cc Gemma Barry at gemma.barry@unimelb.edu.au

CRT Payment for Online Professional Learning Program

Mentor teachers accessing the online professional Learning program (Building your mentoring capacity: a clinical approach) have access to a one-day CRT payment through the TAPP Phase 2 initiative.

To access this funding, please prepare an invoice detailing the following:

Organisation:  The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Address:   234 Queensberry Street, VIC 3010

Description:  CRT payment for online program
Amount:  CRT daily award rate
Teachers:  List names of mentor teachers that have completed the program
Attention: Sandra Papa at mgse-mentoringpl@unimelb.edu.au