The University of Melbourne has established a strategic industry partnership with Orbis to deliver exemplary professional learning to South Australian teachers, leaders and educators, as part of the South Australian Department for Education’s (DfE) commitment to becoming a world-class public education system by 2028.

The partnership commenced in 2018 with co-designing of the four flagship programs in literacy - primary, literacy - secondary, numeracy - primary and instructional leadership. All of these programs were successfully piloted in 2019. Since that time, the partnership has expanded to a suite of over 10 professional learning programs, including preschool and curriculum disciplines English, Science and HASS, and dedicated masterclasses.

Since the establishment of the program, the University has delivered professional learning programs to 40+ cohorts of learners with a reach of more than 1100 South Australian educators.

Orbis timeline graphic

Figure 1: Professional Learning programs co-designed and piloted in 2019-21

For more information, visit the Orbis website.