Mentor Teachers' Online Professional Learning Program

This online professional program enhances mentor teachers’ capability in providing mentoring support to Teaching Candidates (TCs) undertaking the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Master of Teaching across all streams (Early Childhood, Early Childhood/Primary, Primary and Secondary).

The program builds skills and deepens knowledge of the:

  • mentoring and the way in which the program supports TCs to achieve their learning outcomes
  • roles and responsibilities of the mentor teacher within the clinical approach to teaching and mentoring
  • practical application of the clinical teaching cycle and assessing teaching performance of TCs
  • descriptive observation model which is used to observe teaching and provide feedback to TCs
  • teaching performance of TCs.

Program design features

  • Supports independent and self-directed learning
  • Journal writing to facilitate reflection
  • Opportunities for collaboration with peers
  • Contribution towards your VIT registration with a certificate of completion

Sessions table

2018 Sessions Registration Opens Registration Closes Module opens Module closes
Session 1Monday, 19 FebruaryMonday, 4 MarchFriday, 9 MarchFriday, 4 May
Session 2Monday, 23 AprilMonday, 14 MayFriday, 18 MayFriday, 13 July
Session 3Monday, 2 JulyMonday, 23 JulyFriday, 27 JulyFriday, 21 September
Session 4Monday, 10 SeptemberMonday, 1 OctoberFriday, 5 OctoberFriday, 30 November


  1. At the close of registration, you will be enrolled into the module and sent a confirmation email.
  2. If you miss the registration period for a session, you will be able to register for the next session when registration reopens.

Further professional development in clinical teaching

If you would like to further your practice of clinical teaching, consider enrolling in our Master of Clinical Teaching.