Booking the Kwong Lee Dow Multimedia Centre

Completing a booking?

Note: If you've already contacted us and made a provisional booking, please complete our booking form.

We recommend booking the KLDC at least one week in advance so that a test may be scheduled by technical staff. Please note that the test must meet a satisfactory standard or the conference will need to be postponed.

Please note the KLDC may only be booked for video conferences and is not a meeting or seminar room.

  1. Check availability: To check the availability of the KLDC please contact the Centre Manager with a list of the dates and times you are considering.
  2. Submit a booking: Once you have received a message from the Centre Manager confirming your requested date and time are available, you will be asked to complete a Booking Form online
  3. Confirmation: Shortly after you have completed the online Booking Form, the Centre Manager will be in touch to confirm that your booking has been received and your requested time and date have been approved.
  4. Technical test: KLDC Technical Staff will liaise directly with technical staff at your rested site(s) to ensure that the event will run smoothly and to ensure all technical connections are correct. The Centre Manager will confirm the booking details with all sites 1 -2 days prior to the event.
  5. Video conference: All sites connect and conduct the event. We recommend you read our tips for video conferencing before your event.