Kwong Lee Dow Multimedia Centre

The Kwong Lee Dow Centre (KLDC) is a purpose built video conferencing facility available for hire at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. The room seats 14-16 participants comfortably in a split boardroom arrangement. Dedicated technical support staff are available for the duration of your video or teleconference.

Services available

The KLDC may be booked for video conferences configured as:

  • a one-to-one link over IP
  • a one-to-one link over ISDN
  • Multiple site links using local or external bridging

Water and wrapped mints are provided by the venue administrators but no other food or drink may to be consumed in the KLDC. Clients must arrange an additional venue for tea/coffee and/or catering purposes.

View an example room layout or contact us for more details.

Book the KLDC

We recommend booking the KLDC at least one week in advance so that a test may be scheduled by technical staff. Please note that the test must meet a satisfactory standard or the conference will need to be postponed.

Please note the KLDC may only be booked for video conferences and is not a meeting or seminar room.

Step 1- Check availability

To check the availability of the KLDC please contact the Centre Manager with a list of the dates and times you are considering.

Step 2 – Submit a booking

Once you have received a message from the Centre Manager confirming your requested date and time are available, you will be asked to complete a Booking Form online

Step 3 – Confirmation

Shortly after you have completed the online Booking Form, the Centre Manager will be in touch to confirm that your booking has been received and your requested time and date have been approved.

Step 4 – Technical test

KLDC Technical Staff will liaise directly with technical staff at your rested site(s) to ensure that the event will run smoothly and to ensure all technical connections are correct. The Centre Manager will confirm the booking details with all sites 1 -2 days prior to the event.

Step 5 – Video conference

All sites connect and conduct the event.

We recommend you read our tips for video conferencing before your event.


The Kwong Lee Dow Centre uses a flexible floor plan to allow for multiple room configurations. In any of these room formats the following equipment may be used;

Standard conference equipment in the KLDC includes:

  • A video conferencing unit which can handle both video and computer data (people and content)
  • At least one microphone per desk - each microphone can be switched on an off individually at the microphone.
  • Two video conference cameras available to capture the entire room
  • A document camera to allow the use of non-digital materials (drawings, books)
  • The ability to play CD, DVD and VHS media into video conference
  • Controlled lighting – allows for set themes for different types of presentations
  • Three data projectors – two for video conference and one for local data
  • Option to record to DVD the incoming video signal (screen1) and all audio
  • Connection points for up to 4 personal laptop computers *
  • Teleconference – single line *

Non-standard conference equipment in the KLDC includes:

  • Lectern – for the delivery of presentations (rather than sitting at a desk)
  • Digital set-top box (Digital TV) for local projection *
  • Interactive whiteboard *
  • Remote computer screen presentation to sites that cannot manage data within the video conference *
  • Teleconference – multiple line (using 3rd party connections) *

*Allow additional lead time for implementation and training if you are using these items

Technical information

Connection details - main unit:

  • ISDN: +61 393494385
  • IP:+ (
  • Hardware: Polycom VSX8000

Connection details - Mobile/backup unit:

  • IP: (
  • Hardware: Polycom VSX7000S

Teleconference contact details

  • Phone: +61 39349 4923
  • In room contact number: +61 3 9035 3835

View our glossary for a description of these key terms.

Fees and charges

Melbourne Graduate School of Education clients

  • No charge is made for the use of the room or for technical support for IP based videoconferencing or teleconferencing activities conducted as part of normal Graduate School operation.
  • Please note that charges will be made for additional costs incurred by extra requirements such as the use of ISDN connections.
  • Please contact the Centre manager for further details.

External clients

Room hire:

  • Full day: $650
  • Half day (3 hours or less): $400

Technical support:

  • Technical support is required for all KLDC bookings ( not optional)
  • $75 per hour, or part thereof, between 8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday
  • $100 per hour, or part thereof, at all other times

Other Charges:

  • Please note that connections by ISDN can attract very high call charges. As a guide, expect around $1200 per hour to most parts of Asia.
  • For teleconferences standard phone call charge rates apply
  • There may be additional costs related to cleaning, building supervision and security, particularly at night and over week-ends
  • For critical video conferences disaster recovery options can be negotiated before the event (eg. Standby venues, ISDN as standby for IP)

Tour the KLDC

The KLDC’s friendly and knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to organise a time to show you around the facility and give you a demonstration of the technology.

Tours are subject to the availability of the venue and support staff, but we are able to facilitate quick one-on-one sessions or give presentations to groups of up to 25 people.

To request a tour, email us and let us know when you'd like to do it and how many people would be involved.

Completing a booking?

If you've already contacted us and made a provisional booking, please complete our booking form.