2022 MGSE Alumni Early Career Award

This award recognises excellence, innovation and leadership in contribution to education by an alumni who graduated from MGSE in the previous eight years.

Dr Alexandre Guedes

Dr Alexandre Guedes has made and continues to make substantial contributions to coaching in education. In recognition of this, he was recently made a Fellow of the CollectivED Centre for Coaching, Mentoring & Professional Learning at the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University.

Previously his research was awarded the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) ‘New Voice’ in Educational Leadership Research Scholarship for 2016, which also recognised his contributions to education as a ‘new voice’ in educational leadership research.

Dr Guedes continues to develop the knowledge base on coaching in education and gives his time willingly to contribute to the growth of teachers and elevating the esteem of education in the community. Dr Guedes works to raise the profile of education and build educator capacity in improving in student outcomes.

Locally, in the school community he works closely with numerous students and families as a mentor to gifted and struggling students alike and has done so for the past decade. He has also been active in the development of greater links between parents and the school through his support of various school initiatives.

On the national level, Dr Guedes has supported and advocated for the wider educational community and has helped to improve the outcomes of students in school while elevating the work of educators. In his role at a secondary school in Melbourne’s west, Dr Guedes advocates strongly for the capacity building of educators through coaching, supporting and challenging educators high expectations of themselves and their students.

His passion for elevating the work of educators and the esteem of education in the community, which underpins his efforts to encourage oustanding student outcomes, has had a profound impact on numerous students at the College.