Research Themes

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Assessment and Assessment Systems

The Assessment Research Centre has a strong research culture, international reputation, and theoretical base in the development and use of assessment to improve teaching and learning.

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Assessment and Recognition of Complex Competencies

For over a decade, the Assessment Research Centre has been at the cutting edge of international research informing quality, state-of-the-art assessment and teaching of complex competencies, including the competencies known as 21st Century skills.

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Capacity Building and International Partnerships

Building the capacity of the teaching workforce and education systems through international partnerships is a key priority of the Assessment Research Centre.

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Digital Assessment and Certification

The Assessment Research Centre has developed several assessment platforms over the past decade focusing on enabling teachers to implement developmental assessment in their classrooms.

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Learning Pathways for Students With Additional Learning Needs

Building on the premise that every child is capable of learning, the Assessment Research Centre has a proven capacity to develop and implement assessments for students with additional needs.

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Professional Learning and Training

Shaping education systems - driving quality and ensuring meaningful, stimulating careers.

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Psychometrics and Metrolytics

Internationally renowned for the progressive application of psychometrics, the Assessment Research Centre is also leading the way in metrolytics, a rapidly maturing field.

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Research-Practice Partnerships

Research-practice partnerships are designed to unite school leadership teams, academic experts, policy-makers and industry to implement innovations that go beyond traditional school improvement projects.

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