Research Projects

The Assessment Research Centre have completed and are currently involved in the following Research Projects.

Project Research Contact Project Status
Assessment and credentialing: a practical alternative to the ATAR with Big Picture Schools Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
Assessment and Teaching of Foundational Skills for Diverse Learners: The Students with Additional Needs Program (for schools) Jayne Johnston Current
Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC), a collaboration with the University of the Philippines Professor Field Rickards
Competency based assessment reform in the Republic of Vietnam Dr Cuc Nguyen
Competency Based Education Professional Development for Teachers of Primary and Secondary Education (for the Vietnamese Ministry of Education) Dr. Cuc Nguyen
Creative Problem Solving (for North Shore Coaching College) Dr Zhonghua Zhang Current
Customised Program for Curriculum Leaders from Singapore (for the Ministry of Education, Singapore) Dr Jane Strickland
Evaluation and review of assessment systems Hilary Slater
Expansion of Early Abilities Based Learning and Educational Support (for the Victorian Department of Education and Training) Dr Nives Nibali
Formative Assessment Current
General Ability, English and Mathematics tests (for the North Shore Coaching College) Dr Zhonghua Zhang Completed
Gippsland Micro-credentialing of Enterprise Skills - Phase 2 Current
Identifying individuals’ impact on collaboration in ICT environments (Early Career Grant) Dr Claire Scoular Completed
Improving assessment with intelligent automation Narelle English Completed
Independent Review of the Validation of the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool Dr Rebekah Luo Completed
Latrobe Valley Microcredentialling Project (for the LaTrobe Valley Authority) Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan Current
Longitudinal Study of Learning Achievement of Students in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Professor Field Rickards Completed
Measuring individual and group performance in collaborative problem solving (ARC Discovery Grant) Dr Zhonghua Zhang Current
Modern technology and assessment and certification - introducing Ruby Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
Profiling Developmental Standards of Learning for Students with Additional Needs (SWANs) Completed
Program of evaluation of external assessment trials (for the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Dr Rebekah Luo Completed
Psychometrics and metrolytics Dr Zhonghua Zhang
Realising the potential of Australia’s high capacity students (ARC linkage grant with the Department of Education and Training) Professor Lorraine Graham Completed
Research and development of alternative to the ATAR with partners, the Australian Learning Lecture Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
Review of Large-Scale Assessments for use in the Philippines Professor Field Rickards Completed
The Assessment Research Centre (ARC) Online Tools system Hilary Slater
The Kefayat Program: Competency based curriculum implementation in Saudi Arabia (for the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia) Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan
Training workshops on psychometrics for national and international clients Dr Cuc Nguyen