Current Research Students

PhD in Education

Azim, Farhan Using psychometric methods to analyse mathematical problem solving items
Berezner, Alla A comparison of estimation techniques for multi-level IRT models
Bibby, Yan Plausible values: How many do you need to produce plausible results?
Danipog, Dennis Exploring Teachers' Science Inquiry Practices and Students' Inquiry Skills
English, Narelle What classroom organisational practices enable teachers to implement targeted strategies that enhance the progress of every student in a mixed ability classroom?
Gale, Lindsey The development and validation of a measure of movement competency supporting instruction of students with physical disabilities
Kamei, Toshiko The development of a thinking skills assessment to support the inclusion of students with additional learning needs
Lim, Pik Yen Plausible measurement models for assessment of 21st century competencies using behavioural indicators in the classroom
Macaskill, Greg A two parameter extension to the MultiDimensional Multinomial Logit Model of Conquest
Nguyen Khoa, Lan Anh Assessment of students’ problem solving performance across different subject areas (mathematics and social science subjects) in early years schooling
Nguyen, Giang Development and Validation of Formative Assessment Competency Framework for EFL Teachers
Nhan, Thi Developing a professional competency framework for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lecturers in Vietnamese universities and colleges
Nibali, Nives How do upper Primary School teachers use assessment to inform selection of classroom strategies and how do these factors effect student growth in reading comprehension?
Pavlovic, Masa Linking effective teaching strategies used within the Assessment and Learning Partnerships framework to improved student outcomes in numeracy
Rahman, Shafqat Teachers' teaching practices of problem solving skills: Impact of differentiated instruction on student's achievement in problem solving
Ramalingam, Dara The role of efficiency in computer-based problem solving
Robertson, Pam Exploration of the use of learning progressions for reviewing curriculum sequences
Ryan, Maree The Predictive Effect of Adolescent Emotional Intelligence, IQ and Gender for Academic Achievement: A Study of the Victorian Certificate of Education
Scoular, Claire Computerised assessment of collaborative problem solving skills and processes
Strickland, Jane Building the Numeracy Capability of Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Tran, Thi Huyen Developing competencies for vocational education and training teachers in Vietnam
V, Yasotha Teachers use of assessment information to teach collaborative problem solving skills within learning areas
White, Emily Protocols for the teaching and assessment of the information and communication technology capability of students with intellectual disabilities

Recent Graduates

Milligan, Sandra Measurement of the ability to generate higher order learning in MOOCs
Gebhardt, Eveline Latent path models within an IRT framework
Moore, Jacqueline The performance of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) students on a high-stakes writing test
Berry, Amy Exploring classrooms that support the growth of top-quartile students
Arratia Martinez, Alejandra Developmental assessment and metacognition in teachers' professional learning and differentiated teaching
Osses, Alejandra Measuring school performance in high-stakes accountability systems: evidence from and proposals for the Chilean accountability policy
Wood, Karen Joy Intelligence, interests and personality as predictors of academic success across the knowledge domains
Shah, Syed Kamal-Ud-Din Investigating the contextual factors influencing student learning achievement in Pakistan
Chan, Man Ching Esther Standardised assessment in early literacy: reconciling different perspectives and methods
Morda, Romana Rosa Leadership – is it a gift? Exploring the relationship between giftedness and leadership in preschool children
Quan, Patricia The role of school principals in implementing data led professional learning teams in Department of Education and Early Childhood Development schools, Victoria
Roberts, Eileen The design and validation of an instrument to assess development of intrapersonal learning skills for students with an intellectual disability and students with autism spectrum

Master of Educational Psychology/Doctor of Philosophy

Crigan, Judith A Framework for the Study of Collaborative Teams in Education