2017 Teacher as Practitioner (TAP2017) Symposium

Practice, Pedagogy, Praxis

In 2016, the inaugural Teacher as Practitioner (TAP) symposium set to create a space for artist teacher and teacher artist discussion, we then opened another layer to invite scientists as practice based educators and shifted our focus toward to teacher as practitioner with the inclusion of Edith Cowan University undergraduate teacher candidates. These shifts have offered new insights into practice based pedagogies, practitioner identity and practice based research. The 2017 symposium seeks to create a new layer of discourse and develop a new community with a focus on practice, pedagogy and praxis. These foci have leaders in arts and design education layering new concepts and theories from their fields of education.

The day is broken into 3 area focus areas with a keynote and punchy Pecha Kucha presentations and discourse led by leaders in their fields of practice, pedagogy and praxis. Read program

Join the TAP2017 Team as we turn on the TAP with Professor Lisa Grocott (Monash University), Professor Susan Wright (Director, Melbourne Arts Education Observatory, University of Melbourne) and Dr Davis Sequeira (Director, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, University of Melbourne) and 16 Pecha Kucha ignite sessions performed by educators, practitioners and researchers. We invite artists, researchers and teachers to this symposium to discuss the Teacher as Practitioner Project and provide input into TAP2018 and beyond.

TAP2017 Team

  • Dr Maurizio Toscano (Melbourne Graduate School of Education)
  • Dr Julia Morris (Edith Cowan University)
  • Dr Kathryn Coleman (Melbourne Graduate School of Education)
  • Sarah Healy (Melbourne Graduate School of Education)