Volume 2 Issue 1


e-JOURNAL: Volume 2 | Issue 1 | March 2010

'Perspectives on Singing'

UNESCO Observatory, The University of Melbourne's Early Learning Centre
Refereed E-Journal, Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts. ISSN 1835 - 2776

Perspectives on Singing

This refereed e-journal promotes the focus of the UNESCO Observatory for Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts to inform the development of future initiatives in this expanding field. The Observatory is establishing an international database of research to provide scientifically sound evidence of the individual and social significance of the impact of the arts, culture and heritage issues in education and across communities.

Papers from Volume 2 Issue 1

Editorial by Larry O'Farrell Understanding Social-Cultural Influences Affecting Non-Participation in Singing
Dr Colleen Whidden
Making their Voices Heard: A Social Constructivist Study of Youth and Men Who Choose to Sing
Dr Carel Beynon, André-Louis Heywood
Societal judgment silences singers
Eve Ruddock
Shuo Chang (说唱): giving voice to and through Xinyao (新谣), a musical practice in Singapore
A/Prof. Eugene Dairianathan,
A/Prof. Chia Wei Khuan
Turkish Lullabies - Lullabies and other Women’s Songs in the Turkish Village of Akçaenis
Sandra E. Trehub, Rebekah L. Prince
Learning through participatory singing performance
Anne Power
Teacher perspectives on singing in school education: purposes, approaches and participatory factors
Diane Hughes
Latvian pedagogical experience in the promotion and development of preschooler's vocal range and singing ability
A/Prof. Anna Liduma
Islands, Songs, Singers and Singing
Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino
Group singing, wellbeing and health: A systematic mapping of research evidence
Prof. Stephen Clift, Jennifer Nicol PhD, Matthew Raisbeck, Christine Whitmore,
Ian Morrison PhD
The Community Choir
Elizabeth Slottje
Harmony in the community: Group perspectives on the health benefits of singing
Kristy-Lee Riley, Heather Gridley
In the middle of the sound: Group singing, community mental health and wellbeing
Heather Gridley, Jill Astbury, Carolina Aguirre, Jenny Sharples
Community singing and social work: A new partnership
Carol Dore, Dr Susan Gillett, Dr Janice Pascal