Volume 1 Issue 4


e-JOURNAL: Volume 1 | Issue 4 | June 2009

'International perspectives on the development of research-guided practice in community-based arts in health'

UNESCO Observatory, The University of Melbourne's Early Learning Centre
Refereed E-Journal, Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts. ISSN 1835 - 2776

Today there is increasing awareness that the arts play a crucial role in improving the health and social wellbeing of communities.

Over fifty years ago, the World Health Organisation proposed that health is not merely the absence of illness but a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing dependent on a range of elements physical, psychological and social. We now know that cultural practice is significant among these factors. Whether we observe performing artists allied with youth workers to tackle homelessness, the rise of patient-focused architecture in public hospitals, or the use of arts education to promote health in schools, we see compelling evidence that the arts can have a considerable impact on social and institutional life.

As the therapeutic and transformative possibilities of arts programs continue to attract interest from practitioners in diverse fields, the importance of multi-disciplinary partnerships can often go unrecognised or undocumented in research, policy and analysis.

This issue reflects work in the arts and health that crosses disciplinary divisions, promotes knowledge exchange and inspires creative partnerships. the refereed papers present evidence of how the arts contribute to community health and provide approaches which embed the arts within health policy and planning.

Papers from Volume 1 Issue 4

Diversionary Space Project at Royal Melbourne Hospital Short Term Dementia Ward
Darren Steffen, Roger Alsop
the Arts and Health: From Economic Theory to Cost-Effectiveness
Raoul Craemer
Senior Consultant, ACIL TASMAN PTY LTD
Friends on the Farm – Reciprocal Relationship Building Through the Arts
Jan Deans
the University of Melbourne
Healing Threads
Merrin Eirth
Head of Drawing, VCA Art
the University of Melbourne
Interdisciplinary Models for Collaboration Between Artists and Architects: Empowering Community, Inspiring Urban Renewal
Dr Steffen Lehmann
UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Development for Asia and the Pacific,
The University of Newcastle, NSW
The role the Arts Can Play in the Wellbeing of Older Individuals Living in the Community and in Care
Julie Gross McAdam MA
Mac.Art Program Director
Big hART at John Northcott Estate: Community, Health and the Arts
Dr Peter Wright, Dr David Palmer
Murdoch University, WA
Pathways – An Innovative Approach to the Use of Participatory Art Practice in Primary Care
B Platten, K Harris, Professor M Kagioglou
the University of Salford, Salford
Emotional Intelligence and the Performing Arts: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries
Ralf Rauker, Edith Cowan University, WA
Associate Professor Chris Skinner,
University of Notre Dame, WA
Robyn Bett, Murdoch University, WA
Arts, Health, Community Resilience and Healing: Responding to Natural Disaster
Dr Rosa Maria McManamey, University of Tasmania
Jantina Maria Sparkes, Regener8 Project Coordinator, St Marys, Tasmania
Memoirs of the Forgotten Ones: Theatre and Drama with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Abuse
Sarah Woodland
Art or Therapy? A Trojan Horse in the Art School Gallery
Dr Pamela Zeplin
University of South Australia, SA