Volume 5 Issue 2


'Arts in Asia'

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Papers from Volume 5 Issue 2

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Editorial - Arts in Asia
by Shalini Ganendra
Regional identities and global aspirations in South Asian capitol buildings
Anoma Pieris
No Other Ground
by Beth Citron
Zenadh kes: Art is Life
by Brian Robinson
Wang Qingsong: When Worlds Collide
by Christopher Phillips
Building Community Architecture
by Gregory Burgess
“He Who Eats The Durian Smells Of Durian” Artist Matt Golden Chronicles A Fictional Musician’s Reverential Rite Of Passage
by Matt Golden
Somewhere between me and this world – contemporary Japanese photography
by Kasahara Michiko
Critical Curatorship
by Oscar Ho
Bodies in the DesArt & Surgery
by Sir Roy Calne
Art in the Contemporary Pacific
by Dr Susan Cochrane
Of Pizzas and Laptops
by Volker Albus