Volume 5 Issue 1


'Critical Approach to Arts-based Research'

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Papers from Volume 5 Issue 1

We recommend each and every article.

Editorial - Critical Approach to Arts-based Research
by Anne Harris, Mary Ann Hunter, Clare Hall
The Cartographic Network: Re-imagining university learning environments through the methodology of immersive cartography
David Rousell
Dance as Intervention: Disrupting Gendered Norms of Embodiment
by Jack Migdalek
Doing sociology with musical narratives
by Clare Hall
Slamming In(to) the Ivory Tower: A Consideration of Slam as Method
by Glenn Allen Phillips
Towards Articulating an Arts-based Research Paradigm: Growing Deeper
by Diane Conrad and Jaime L. Beck
Towards An Aesthetic Intersubjective Paradigm for Arts based Research: An Art Therapy Perspective
by Gioia Chilton, Nancy Gerber, Victoria Scotti
Cultural Graffiti in London: Singing Life into Exhibitions and Embodying the Digital Document
by Helen Gilbert and J.D. Phillipson, in dialogue with Peter Morin

Painting canvases and performing social justice: The transformative possibilities of arts based research in Indigenous Australian studies with primary children
by Elizabeth Mackinlay

Bodies in the Desert: A Narration of Two Lives
by Jake Burdick

Seeing the world differently: Supporting autism spectrum expression and creativity through the use of technology in social spaces
by Stefan Schutt, Paul Staubli, Alberto Rizzo

Making Gothic: A/r/tographic attempts to integrate theory and practice
by Dr. Tracy Fahey

The search for a dyadic dramatic qualitative method to generate data
by Jane Isobel Luton

How Students Learn an Arts-Based Approach to Early Childhood Education
by Koichi Kasahara

Shaping Research-Informed Theatre: Working beyond an ‘Aesthetic of Objectivity’
by Julia Gray, Pamela Baer, Tara Goldstein