Arts Education

The Arts Education team at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education affirms the value of arts in education through learning both in the arts and through the arts. We are committed to ensuring the provision of high quality arts education for all levels of learners.

We are a vibrant and forward-looking group with wide ranging interests in teaching, research and engagement. Our arts education philosophy embraces and supports:

  • creative and innovative pedagogies and curriculum
  • student-centred reflective learning
  • collaborative and multi-disciplinary approaches to research
  • and child and family engagement and learning in diverse community contexts.


We have an established track record of research grants and consultancies and active productivity in research.

Learning and Teaching

We are a group of passionate academics with specialist knowledge and experience in the visual arts, music, drama, media and dance education.


We engage with the community – locally, nationally and internationally – through research partnerships, collaborations, policy development and knowledge sharing.

UNESCO Observatory

Staff in Arts Education also are members of the Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education. The Observatory aims to promote education in and through the arts through best practice teaching and learning programs and by generating, collecting and disseminating high-quality research.