Professor Susan Wright

Susan Wright is Chair of Arts Education at the University of Melbourne. Her teaching and research focuses on young children's meaning-making and communication using artistic symbol systems and multi-modal forms of expression (i.e., visual, spatial, musical and bodily-kinaesthetic ways of knowing) and emphasizes the significance of creative  and somatic forms of learning and development.

She has been an active researcher, attracting over 30 competitive research grants totalling over $3M. Her most recent books are Understanding Creativity in Early Childhood: Meaning-Making and Children's Drawings (2010, SAGE, UK), Special Education: Perspectives and Practices (2008, Pearson, Singapore), The Arts, Young Children and Learning (2003, Allyn and Bacon, NY) and Children, Meaning-Making and the Arts (1st edition 2003; 2nd edition 2012, Pearson Australia).