Artistry, Performance and Scholarly Inquiry (APSI)

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education invites scholars and practitioners currently engaged in performed research to a three day exploration of this evolving mode of inquiry.

Alice Hoy is Not a Building Performance
The First Time Performance directed by Michelle Ludecke
Evoking Anti-Colonialism: Critical Arts-Based Research with Undocumented Americans presented by Carl Bagley
Performance as Research/ Performing Research: Framing the Field 1995–2915 presented by Alison Richards
Today We're Alive Performance directed by Linden Wilkinson
Plenary Session

InSEA 2014 Conference

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education are proud supporters of the the InSEA 34th World Congress to be held 7 - 11 July, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. This triennial congress EXPLORED and examineD the theme: Diversity through Art – Change, Continuity, Context.

Members of the Arts Education team will be chairing sessions and presenting the following  at the congress:
Extending the dialogue: Tracking a generalist primary teacher's shift in practice over a year long art-based intervention process
Dr Marnee Watkins and Gina Grant

Mens' places and spaces considered through art and art making
Associate Professor Donal O'Donaghue and Dr Wesley Imms

To do or not to do? Trends in longitudinal data concerning new Visual Art teachers' art making, including impact on production, quality of teaching, and employment retention
Dr Wesley Imms and Purnima Ruanglertbutr

Children's Graphic-Visual-Embodied Narratives: The role of the Interlocutor in Surfacing and Enriching Meaning Making
Professor Susan Wright

Finding Collective Perspectives of (Quality) within Pre-service Art Education in Victoria, Australia
Professor Susan Wright

Metaphor, Meaning, Movement: Embodied Experience through the Arts
Professor Susan Wright

Portrait of the Artist who Works with Children
Robert Brown