Miss Li Ling

Graduate Researcher


Li is a PhD candidate in education at the University of Melbourne. Her research interest lies in utilizing technologies to promote learning and to create more learning opportunities, as well as exploring how to minimize the potential negative impacts brought by technologies to learners. In 2019, Li was awarded a full scholarship (the Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship) by the University of Melbourne to conduct her PhD study. Her current PhD research project examines young children’s Internet of Toys use and the associated influences on the children’s play and learning. Li had teaching experiences in both primary schools and universities.

Li's PhD research project aims to understand two major questions, with one being how young children are playing with the Internet of Toys and the other being what might be the associated influences on children's play and learning.


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Ling, L., Yelland, N., Hatzigianni, M., & Dickson-Deane, C. (2022). The use of Internet of Things devices in early childhood education: A systematic review. Education and Information Technologies. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10639-021-10872-x