Dr Ben Williams

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Ben is a senior lecturer in health and physical education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. His research explores three main topics:

The first is how and why schools and external agencies work together to design and/or deliver curricular and extra-curricular programs in health education, physical education, outdoor education, and school sport, and how the educational and professional value of these arrangements can be promoted and enhanced.

The second topic concerns the contribution professional teaching associations, (e.g., the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation) have made, are making, and might make to the educational landscapes in which they exist.

And the third topic is the processes by which forms of knowledge are drawn on to develop innovations in health education and physical education, broadly defined, and the consequences of these processes for those knowledges, as well as the innovations and the innovators themselves.

These three research interests and his work with curriculum agencies, government departments, sporting bodies, and professional associations inform his teaching within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Master of Teaching and its Leading Community Sport and Recreation breadth track.