Message from the Director

This week we asked our research network of Early Childhood Professionals to tell us about their experiences and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year when we established the network, Early Childhood Professionals identified wellbeing as a priority research area for the REEaCh Hub.  None of us could have predicted at the beginning of this year how important supporting the early childhood education workforce would become in 2020. During challenging times for the ECEC sector, we are interested in understanding how educators work has changed, how they are maintaining relationships with children, staying connected to families and ensuring their own wellbeing.

In June over 150 people logged in to our REEaCh webinar, giving us confidence that this is a popular way to connect with you, especially during COVID times. Our next webinar on 9th September will focus on Home Visiting and Early Education Interventions to Support Vulnerable Young Children and Their Families – more details and a registration link is provided below.

I thank everyone for contributing to the work of the REEaCh Hub, in particular, the educators who are members of our networks and generously sharing their experiences with us during these difficult times. Stay safe and well.

Associate Professor Tricia Eadie