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More about MGSE

Welcome to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE).

We employ people from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, to work collaboratively across a diverse range of specialist areas.

We prepare teachers as clinical practitioners.

We prepare teachers as clinical practitioners.

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More about YRC


Discover our YRC experts, who provide supervision for Masters and PhD students. View professional and academic staff profiles for a detailed look at expertise and interests, as well as contact information.

Research programs and projects

Explore the YRC’s research and consultancy team projects. Research projects include consultations with young people, organisations, youth workers and parents. This experience combines theoretical analysis and direct practical work.

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Secondary and university mathematics: Do they speak the same language?

This project will examine symbol use, a key aspect of students’ mathematical experience at school and university, and measure its impact on progression rates.

Realising the potential of Australia’s high capacity students

This project, known as REAP, involves exploration of the trend of students in the upper quartile of student achievement not showing learning gains at the same rate as their peers.

Assessment and Teaching of Foundational Skills for Diverse Learners: The Students with Additional Needs Program

This program of research commenced in 2007 at the Assessment Research Centre under the leadership of Professor Patrick Griffin, and since then has drawn on the collaborative work of many educators, researchers, and administrators who share a commitment to supporting every student's right to learn.

Longitudinal Study of Learning Achievement of Students in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

The major objective of the study is to understand how learning achievement unfolds in very different contexts with the intention of informing curriculum design, classroom practices, assessment processes and teacher professional development at the national level and especially in ARMM.

International Baccalaureate Programs: Longer Term Outcomes

A qualitative study investigating the influence of International Baccalaureate programs on the lives of alumni.

Arts Education

Teachers’ application of arts rich practice: teaching in and through the arts

Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) Research

Research to inform the development of an integrated program of assessment, reporting, and teaching advice for children and young people whose learning is supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET).

Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC)

The Philippines is facing a rapidly changing education system, associated changes in assessment and curriculum systems at national, regional and local levels, and a need for empirical data on curriculum innovation and implementation.