Style Guide

Editing featured events

This page details how you can edit the event items featured on the front page of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education website.

Use the navigation above to jump between the steps of this tutorial.

For information on how to increase or decrease the number of events displayed on the homepage, see adding featured news and events.

To begin with, publish your event page as usual.

Then, while still in Edit+, use the asset finder to navigate to:

News and activities/Events/All events/Home page events.

Select an event item which already appears on the homepage, and place it in safe edit mode. We are going to replace this existing homepage event with your new one.

On the Details tab, update the name, date and time to those of your new event.

Save your changes.

On the Content tab, enter a short summary about your event. The summary should be roughly 130 - 280 characters, depending on the length of your event title.

Save your changes.

On the Metadata tab, set the ‘Type of event’ and an ‘External registration link’:

  • If you want to send visitors directly to an external website, enter the URL of that website here.
  • If you want visitors to an event page on our site, enter the URL of that page here.

Ensure ‘Straight to external registration page’ is set to ‘True’.

Save your changes.

Open a new tab, and go to the following URL:

This will show you a preview version of the homepage which should include your new featured event.

If you're happy with how it looks, go back to your original tab (in which Edit+ will be open), and change the status of the event item from Safe Edit to Live.

Finally, visit:

This will recache the homepage. Once the page has been recached, all visitors will see your new event.