Block - Other coursework programs (start year intake only)

The University of Melbourne accepts online applications year-round from both domestic and international applicants. International applicants can apply online or in person through our overseas representatives.

Application dates

Start-year intake, 2018


Applications for the 2018 start-year intake have now closed.


Applications for the 2018 start-year intake have now closed.

* Dates only apply for courses which are available to international students.
** Not all streams are available until the 9th of Feb, please check the course page for further details.

Prepare your application

You may be required to provide the following supporting documentation with your application:

It's also worth checking the advanced standing policy (PDF, 209 KB) to see if you are eligible to receive credit towards your chosen course.

Application process

Submit an online course application directly to the University of Melbourne.

Please note:

Application outcome

Application outcomes will be sent to your nominated email address or overseas representative.

Applicants are able to check the progress of their application by logging in to the online course application page.