Guaranteed entry

Guaranteed Entry provides recent University of Melbourne undergraduate students a pathway into the Master of Teaching based on their academic achievements.

Students who are eligible for Guaranteed Entry have the opportunity to secure early admission into the Master of Teaching* and are assured a Commonwealth Supported Place (domestic students only).

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*excludes Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship


To be eligible for guaranteed entry you must meet all conditions outlined below:

  • Have completed a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree OR University of Melbourne undergraduate degree and honours year. In both instances, the Master of Teaching must be commenced within 18 months of completing your undergraduate degree.
  • Have achieved a weighted average mark (WAM) of 65% or higher over the course.
  • Not have undertaken any other graduate study.
  • Meet the minimum course entry requirements:

How to apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will will identify you as a guaranteed entry applicant when we assess your Master of Teaching application.

1. Complete the Teacher Capability Assessment Tool

All applicants are required to complete the Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT) prior to submitting their course application.

2. Submit a course application

Submit an online application directly to the University of Melbourne as a current or previous student using your student number. You will be considered for guaranteed entry when your application is processed.

If you are not eligible for guaranteed entry, we will assess your application under the normal course entry standards as a direct applicant.