Master of Teaching (Secondary)

The Master of Teaching (Secondary) prepares you to be a highly effective teacher in your areas of discipline.

Course structure

The program is intensive as you will complete one and a half years of standard study (150 points) in one year, after which you will be eligible for the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary). This qualifies you for provisional registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).

course structure

There are three options to complete the final 50 points. All three options prepare you to become a researcher-practitioner, and provide specific research training and project experience.

  1. Induction: this option is based on the requirements for full VIT registration. You will work with a dedicated mentor to build your professional portfolio. Subjects must be completed within your first year of teaching.
  2. Research: if you achieved an average of 75 per cent or above in the first 150 points you can research an area of interest. This option allows you to progress to a PhD (subject to meeting academic requirements).
  3. Professional development: broaden your expertise by undertaking subjects from an area of interest within our range of specialist programs and cement your learning through a capstone project.

The research and professional development options can be commenced up to five years after completing the Graduate Diploma and taken either full-time over one semester or part-time over two semesters.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to complete the final 50 points to achieve the Master of Teaching. In the future, all Australian graduate entry teaching degrees will require at least two years of full-time equivalent study before you can work as a teacher. Completing the full masters will ensure your qualification remains competitive in years to come.

We also now offer the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship where you can get paid to teach while studying for your degree.

Entry requirements

Career outcomes

The Master of Teaching (Secondary) will qualify you for provisional registration with the VIT as a secondary teacher (international students must also meet VIT IELTS requirements). If you intend to teach outside Victoria, we recommend you check registration requirements with the relevant body.

You may also choose to pursue a career in areas like:

  • policy formation
  • education research
  • assessment and evaluation.


The Master of Teaching has a large number of Commonwealth Supported Places available to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Australian Fee Paying places are also available for local students and International Fee places are available to international students. Visit the Future Students website for more information on fees.

Australian Government loan schemes are available to help you defer all or part of your tuition fees, depending on the type of offer you receive. With both schemes, you don't need to repay the loan until your income reaches a minimum repayment threshold.

  • If you receive an offer for an Australian fee-paying place, you may be eligible for the FEE-HELP loan program.
  • If you receive an offer for a Commonwealth Supported Place, you may be eligible for the HECS-HELP loan program.

For more information on these schemes, visit

Youth Allowance and Austudy are available to students undertaking the Master of Teaching. Visit Centrelink for more information.


Master of Teaching students are eligible for a number of scholarships