Work in progress

Project establishment and management

The project officially commenced in July 2016 and a project coordinator was appointed. The setting up phase of the project involved ethics submission and approval, initial literature review, and setting up project data management and communications processes.

Data collection

Following ethics approval, the project team will begin the collection of data. Data collection includes:

  1. A national online survey of English teachers from all Australian states and territories in their first 5 years of teaching.
  2. A longitudinal study of early career English teachers during years 1-4 of their English teaching. This will include interviews with these teachers in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year of teaching about their emerging views of the relationship between literary knowledge and professional practice as these are mediated by social relationship in their school context.
  3. Interviews with key stakeholders in the Literary Studies and English Education fields.

If you would like to contribute to data collection please see our get involved page.


The project’s lead Chief Investigator (CI) Larissa McLean Davies, CI Wayne Sawyer and CI Brenton Doecke contributed to the 2016 AATE/ALEA National Conference held in Adelaide from 7-10 July 2016.


John Yandell and Andy Goodwyn

On 12 July 2016 the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education hosted presentations from two world leading experts in English education:

Professor Yandell presented a paper titled “Dead for 400 Years… But Still ‘Living': Teaching Shakespeare in the 21st Century.”

Professor Goodwyn presented “Not what it says in any National Curriculum for English: a new paradigm for teaching literature to adolescents in secondary schools - examining literary reading from a Darwinian perspective.”

Both Professor Yandell and Professor Goodwyn are working on the Investigating Literary Knowledge Pilot Project.

For more information view the event flyer (PDF, 284 KB).