Pilot project

The investigating literary knowledge in the making of English teachers – UK and Australia pilot project will give an initial view of what teachers view as literary knowledge and how they apply this within their practice.

It considers the meanings, practices, relationships and influences currently at work in the making of English teachers. The pilot views literary knowledge in an international context, exploring teachers experiences in both the UK and Australia.

The project looks specifically at year 10 English teachers, giving a snapshot that will help to inform the larger ARC funded project.

The main project will build on the findings of the pilot project, creating a holistic view of English teachers’ literary knowledge.


The pilot project team in Australia is led by Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies and includes Professor Lyn Yates, Professor Wayne Sawyer, Professor Philip Mead, and Professor Brenton Doecke.

In the UK, the project team includes Professor John Yandell (University College London) and Professor Andy Goodwyn (University of Reading).