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Teaching Australia

The Teaching Australia project seeks to support the teaching of Australian texts in primary and secondary schools. The project is designed to enhance Australian teachers’ knowledge of, and readiness to teach, Australian literature in the twenty-first century global context.

Investigating literary knowledge in the making of English teachers

This project explores the literary education of Early Career English Teachers in order to understand the role that literary knowledge plays in their teaching.

Secondary and university mathematics logo

Secondary and university mathematics: Do they speak the same language?

This project will examine symbol use, a key aspect of students’ mathematical experience at school and university, and measure its impact on progression rates.

Annual Review 2016

Annual Review 2016

For an overview of our research and recent activity, download our Annual Review 2016 magazine

Realising the potential of Australia’s high capacity students

This project, known as REAP, involves exploration of the trend of students in the upper quartile of student achievement not showing learning gains at the same rate as their peers.

Assessment and Teaching of Foundational Skills for Diverse Learners: The Students with Additional Needs Program

This program of research commenced in 2007 at the Assessment Research Centre under the leadership of Professor Patrick Griffin, and since then has drawn on the collaborative work of many educators, researchers, and administrators who share a commitment to supporting every student's right to learn.

Arts Education

Teachers’ application of arts rich practice: teaching in and through the arts

Focusing on the learner: Charting a way forward for Australian education

Australia’s current education policies will not address its slipping international rankings, according to a paper from the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education.

Teacher Artmaker Project

TAP is an international first for Visual Art Education, providing for the first time, longitudinal data on teacher’s participation in art production, perceptions of quality of teaching, and expectations of retention in the profession.

Specific Mathematics Assessments that Reveal Thinking

A 'smart-test' is an assessment that reveals thinking about a specific topic in mathematics.


Launched on 26 November 2012, The Experience of Education: The impacts of high stakes testing on school students and their families: An Educator’s Perspective is a major study into the impact of NAPLAN testing.

Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC)

The Philippines is facing a rapidly changing education system, associated changes in assessment and curriculum systems at national, regional and local levels, and a need for empirical data on curriculum innovation and implementation.

Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) Research

The aim of the Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) research is to inform the development of an integrated program of assessment, reporting, and teaching advice for children and young people whose learning is supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s (DEECD) Program for Students with Disabilities.

Knowledge Building Project

This project aims to shed new light on Australian strategies of knowledge-building and on agendas for future policies and practice.

Teachers’ professional statistical literacy

This project is examining principals’ and teachers’ attitudes to, and perceptions of, statistical reports as well as their skills in interpreting such quantitative information.

Exploring teacher professional learning in a virtual environment

This project will establish a virtual classroom where participants can observe and explore teacher and student thinking.

Learning Mathematics with Technology

In multi-facetted projects, we are investigating the new opportunities to improve the teaching and learning of difficult topics, particularly algebra, through changed curriculum, assessment and teaching.

Researching ArtPlay and Signal

ArtPlay (2004) and Signal (2009) are unique community arts spaces managed by the City of Melbourne (CoM). They cater for children and youth aged from three to their early twenties. The primary foci of this research is participant engagement.

Educating the Australian Adolescent

An historical study of Australian secondary education in the middle decades of the twentieth century.


E4Kids is a 5-year study that will follow a large group of three and four year olds as they participate in childcare, kindergarten and preschool programs.