The new Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum: A case of/for gradualism in curriculum reform?

Deans lecture series 2012

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About the lecture

Third Biennial Fritz Duras Lecture

In March this year, the Shaping Paper for the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education (HPE) was released for consultation. It suggests Health and Physical Education should take a strengths-based approach, focus on educative outcomes, develop health literacy skills, value learning in, about and through movement and include a critical inquiry approach.

As the Lead Writer, I believed my task was to consider both what is and what could be. This lecture will introduce the research and thinking behind the paper, helping to illuminate this case of curriculum-making. It will also reflexively ask if this case is notable for its gradualism, interrogating the strength and weakness of gradualism as applied in curriculum reform.

This lecture is hosted in partnership with the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) Victoria.

About the speaker

Doune Macdonald

Professor Doune Macdonald

Doune Macdonald is Head of School and Professor of Health and Physical Education in the School of Human Movement Studies, The University of Queensland.

Professor Macdonald completed her undergraduate degree in Human Movement Studies at The University of Queensland before teaching Health and Physical Education in primary and secondary schools. Professor Macdonald obtained her PhD through Deakin University and rejoined the School of Human Movement Studies at The University of Queensland in 1990.

In 1998 she won an Australian Award for University Teaching. Professor Macdonald is currently Lead Writer for the Australian Curriculum - Health and Physical Education. Her research interests focus on understanding curriculum shifts in the field of Health and Physical Education at the primary, secondary and tertiary level and their impact upon teachers, teaching and student engagement. She serves on the editorial boards of Sport, Education and Society and Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy and is a Fellow of two international organisations, AIESEP and the National Academy of Kinesiology.