2 Mar 2017

Expert panel: VET in crisis

It is time that we recognise that a new model of vocational education is needed in Australia. The current social settlement between VET and society is not working and VET is in crisis.

This presentation will consider:

  • Why VET is in crisis – the connection between competencies and markets
  • The links between vocational education and the labour market in shaping (shaky) transitions
  • What a ‘policy rich’ vocational education policy would look like
  • Qualifications, capabilities and vocational streams
  • The institutional conditions that are needed to sustain a strong vocational education system – the role of TAFE as anchor institutions

Professor Leesa Wheelahan is the William G. Davis Chair in Community College Leadership at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada. Leesa has published widely on lifelong learning, tertiary education policy, student equity, recognition of prior learning, credit-transfer and student articulation between the sectors of post-compulsory education and training, cross-sectoral relations between the VET and higher education sectors, and the role of theoretical knowledge in curriculum.

A panel discussion will follow Professor Wheelahan’s presentation.

Panellists include:
Professor John Buchanan, The University of Sydney
Professor Leo Goedegebuure, LH Martin Institute
Professor Shelley Mallett, Brotherhood of St Laurence

The discussion will be facilitated by Maxine McKew.

9 Mar - 6 Apr 2017

Professional development course: Ancient History teachers

Featuring eminent scholars from the University of Melbourne this professional development course closely relates to VCE Units 1 to 4 of Ancient History.

Each week will focus on key areas of study including Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, exploring and developing historical skills, historical thinking and highlight a selection of appropriate primary source materials and historical interpretations

In the first session John Whitehouse, Lecturer in History/Humanities in the Melbourne Graduate School, will give a pedagogical overview of teaching ancient history.

18 Mar 2017

Professional Development Course: VCE French Teachers

This professional development program for VCE French Teachers is designed as a refresher course to further explore a topic related to French culture, specifically in relation to VCE Units 3 and 4. Eminent scholars from the Department of French will present key areas of study including literature, cinema, history, art history, and highlight a selection of appropriate primary source materials.

Professional Certificates of participation will be offered upon completion of the course and VIT applicable.

22 Mar 2017

The evolving landscape of Australian schooling policy

Australian schooling policy has undergone massive change over the past decade, with major national reforms in curriculum, assessment, teaching standards and funding.

This new era of reform is not only transforming schools, but is also changing relationships between federal, state and territory governments in policy development and enactment.

This Q&A style forum brings together prominent policy makers and field-leading academics.

The event will be hosted and chaired by Dr Glenn C. Savage, Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Education Policy at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

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