Centre for Program Evaluation

Centre for Program Evaluation

The Centre for Program Evaluation (CPE) is a transdisciplinary evaluation and research centre that over the past 30 years has undertaken evaluations and research projects for government departments, non-government organisations and community-based agencies across a wide range of policy and program areas but particularly in the areas of education, health, social wellbeing and international community development.

The objectives of the CPE are to:

  • teach and coordinate graduate courses in evaluation and teaching research methods in the school
  • act as a thought leader for the practice and theory of evaluation
  • undertake research and commissioned program evaluations on a consultancy basis across a wide range of policy and program areas

Services available

Evaluation consultancy

During the past 30 years, CPE has undertaken evaluation consultancy work for government departments, non-government organisations and community-based agencies, across a wide range of policy and program areas.

The design and conduct of all evaluation work carried out by CPE is undertaken by a team of highly qualified and experienced research personnel. All evaluation services conducted by CPE staff include evaluation approaches and methods that reflect current theoretical knowledge and best practice in the field. Staff members are skilled in the use of widely known, as well as current, emerging and innovative evaluation theory, techniques, and practice, all of which aim to enhance client and stakeholder collaboration and increase the utilisation of evaluation findings.

Examples of evaluation services facilitated by CPE staff include:

  • Formative, summative and process evaluations
  • Survey systems
  • Needs assessment
  • Cost benefit and effectiveness
  • Systematic review and meta analysis
  • Clarification of program theory and causality
  • Design of monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Review of program/project effectiveness, including the contribution made towards achieving objectives and immediate and longer term outcomes
  • Impact assessment
  • Identification of key areas for policy development and strategies to enhance program design and delivery
  • Meta evaluation
  • Evaluation of programs with complex multi-level administrative arrangements
  • Systems evaluation
  • Archival information systems development

More about CPE

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Discover our experts, who provide supervision for Masters and PhD students. View professional and academic staff profiles for a detailed look at expertise and interests, as well as contact information.

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Explore our current research and consultancy team projects. Research projects include evaluations of outreach programs and providing evaluation services.

Students at graduation

Graduate Studies and Teaching

Learn about courses and subjects offered through us including current and past graduate students.



Read and download an array of publication materials including books, book chapters, journal articles, reports and other publications.

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The International Teacher Education Effectiveness Research Hub (iTEERH)

The International Teacher Education Effectiveness Research Hub (iTEERH) is a collaboration of staff and partners to investigate an evidence based approach to the evaluation of effective teacher education. The hub will provide rigorous science and measurement to the improvement of teaching training. These include Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT) and Visible Classroom tools.


Our goal is to engage and form important connections and partnerships with government, business, industry and schools and their respective communities.

We are proud to partner with:

Within Australia

  • Newman College
  • PESA Positive Education Schools Association
  • Geelong Grammar School
  • St Peter's College, Adelaide
  • Queen's College
  • Seymour College


  • University of Michigan
  • Boston University
  • Northern Illiniuos University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of East London
  • Cambridge University
  • Villanova University, USA

We support

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education is proud to sponsor the Positive Psychology Interest Group - a network for those interested in the science of well-being, with meetings at the University of Melbourne and Monash University.


The Centre for Positive Psychology would like to acknowledge and thank the following sponsors for their contributions to our Centre.

Mr Chris Tipler

Mr Chris Tipler

Mr Chris Tipler for his commitment to the development of our Strategic Agenda through the SOWOT process and a Realistic Imagination Of Success (RIOS).

Chris helped us to discover powerful ideas within the field of Positive Psychology and to clarify our purpose of a +S3 approach: Positive Students, Positive Schools and Positive Systems.

Ms Cass Spong

Ms Cass Spong

Ms Cass Spong & Ms Nicola Vague for their work in delivering a collaborative systems thinking process and culture and values assessment for the Centre for Positive Psychology.

Cass is an Organisational Development Consultant with over 16 years professional consulting experience. Cass brings passion and purpose to her work and is dedicated to creating strong, enriching and collaborative relationships. Her business, ENTHEOS Consulting, applies Collaborative Systems Thinking(TM) to support leaders to optimise organisational performance. Contact Cass to discuss how Collaborative Systems Thinking(TM) can support your organisation.

Ms Nicola Vague

Ms Nicola Vague

Nicola Vague is an organisational change management and leadership development professional with over 16 years consulting experience.

Nicola's business, Evolving Leaders, supports the holistic development of individuals, teams and organisations to generate transformational change. Our 'sweet spot' is customised leadership development, change management and coaching business leaders to navigate personal and organisational change.