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Vietnamese Secondary Teacher Project - 7 Day Study Tour

The academic program provided the development of an awareness and understanding of Upper Secondary (US) Teacher Professional Standards and Professional Secondary (PS) Teacher Pedagogical Competency. The program also provided participants with information of the Australian education system.

Day 1

  • Overview of Competency Assessment design
  • Examination of the procedures for developing the Secondary School Teacher Profiles

Expected outcome: Participants will gain an understanding of the process for designing Secondary School Teacher Profiles and the methodology behind this process

Day 2

  • International experiences and discussion
  • Structure of the teacher profiles: Competencies, performance criteria and quality indicators
    The process of drafting and panelling competencies, performance criteria and quality indicators

Expected outcome: Development of an understanding of the structure of the teacher profiles, and the relationships between the components of this structure. Knowledge of how to combine drafting and the need to involve stakeholders in the process of drafting each of the teacher profiles components

Day 3

  • Piloting and trialling the teacher profiles
  • Checking the quality of competencies, performance criteria and quality indicators using Item Response Theory
  • Introduction of ConQuest

Expected outcome: Understand procedures and purposes of piloting and trialling. Using Conquest in checking the quality of the indicators will be demonstrated

Day 4

  • Aggregating the results of assessment at competency level
  • Method 1: Expert methods

Expected outcome: Understand the relative difficulties of the items and how to interpret the band levels using expert methods

Day 5

  • Aggregating the results of assessment at competency level
  • Method 2: Applying IRT, defining cut point and interpreting levels

Expected outcome: Understand the output of QUEST, interpret data analyses and use the analyses to define competency levels

Day 6

  • Assessment and reporting methods

Expected outcome: Understand a variety of assessment methods to assess teacher competencies. Obtain a range of reporting methods to stakeholders and implications for Vietnam

Day 7

  • School visit

Expected outcome: Awareness of the approach of the Australian secondary principal in addressing professional standards. Overview of the Australian secondary school setting