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Determinants of Literacy and Numeracy among Primary School Children in Vietnam

This project investigates the school, home and community factors influencing literacy and numeracy of Vietnamese primary school children. Tests in mathematics and Vietnamese language have been developed for children in years 3 and 5. Samples have been drawn from 5 provinces (Ha Noi, Hien Bai, Thanh Hon, Quang Nam and Vinh Long). Questionnaires were developed for head teachers, teachers and students. Tests of mathematics (number, chance, problem solving and measurement) and Vietnamese (reading, language structure and writing) were linked across years 3 and 5 to estimate growth. The project is the first phase of a longitudinal project that aims to monitor achievement levels and provide policy advice to the Ministry of Education and Training within the World Bank Primary Education Project. In 2000 the project was extended with data collection planned for 2001 in all 60 provinces and a sample of almost 80,000 students.


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