Sydney University Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMI)

Project team
P. Griffin, N. Zoanetti

2007 to 2009

Item response modelling of Multiple Mini-Interviews for graduate selection
This project involves collaboration with the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education, Sydney University which oversees a selection program for graduate medical and dental study. The program assesses pre-professional skills via interviewer-administered and rated Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs). This assessment style is contemporary, contentious, high-stakes and under wider consideration nationally and internationally. It therefore warrants evaluation of its reliability, validity, and unintended error sources using modern measurement techniques, in order to assess its applicability to wider education selection contexts. This project will use Item Response Modelling to help determine the optimal configuration of the MMI.

Funding source
Melbourne Graduate School of Education Internal Grant

Roberts, C., Zoanetti, N., & Rothnie, I. (2009). Validating a multiple mini-interview question bank assessing entry-level reasoning skills in candidates for graduate-entry medicine and dentistry programs. Medical Education, 43, 350-359.