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ARC Online Testing System

The Assessment Research Centre has developed the Assessment Research Centre Online Testing System (ARCOTS). It combines the output of an item bank with targeted assessment. It also encompasses the ARC Learning Profiles (ALPS) reporting package which provides real time reports to students and teachers. ARCOTS makes online test administration easy and accessible.

The system is Internet-based, and allows teachers to administer tests and other assessment instruments online. The tests can be used to assess Literacy, Numeracy. Problem Solving and Interactive Problem Solving for students at different levels of ability. The teacher observation schedules for students with additional needs (SWANS) instruments are also available. The SWANS instrument addresses Communication and Literacy, Interpersonal skills and Intrapersonal skills. The tests use a multiple-choice item format. The observation schedules are rubric (judgement) based. The system also has the potential to deliver assessments with more complex interactive tasks which give teachers more detailed information on the skills required and the strategies to be used by students to solve problems collaboratively. The testing system is quasi-adaptive to help teachers target assessments and match the tests to the student ability level to gain maximum information for teaching intervention.

Schools involved in Assessment and Learning Partnerships and the Literacy Assessment Project are registered to use ARCOTS. These projects include professional development focussing on the use of developmental learning and the use of data to target teaching. ARCOTS is not currently available as a stand-alone package to schools not involved in these programs.